CHRONOTECH EOOD (Chronotech Ltd)  was registered in 2010 and began trading in 2017 as a preferred supplier of industrial consumables, professional tools and machines for enterprises in northeastern Bulgaria. Our trusted partners are well-known and established European and global manufacturers, which offer excellent quality. Our clients are mainly large industrial enterprises and metalworking companies.

During the Covid pandemic, Chronotech established a partnership with Oxytec (a leading Swiss manufacturer of UV disinfection systems), and we played a key role in successfully equipping a number of public and health facilities, as well as private companies, with devices for prevention against this disease.

Fast forward to today, and the current drive to switch to ecological sources of energy, we offer energy saving solutions for households and companies. Our battery systems are mostly two types – All-in-one (sets of inverters and batteries) for households, and large industrial systems for storing and releasing electricity on demand. All of them have European certificates, and there are different sizes depending on the specific needs of the client. The systems are easy to install and come with online applications for full control and management.

Our guiding principle is the search for the best quality at a reasonable price, whilst maintaining high levels of competency. Accuracy in relationships is part of our name, trust is earned with time and experience.